Kitchen Essential Gift Set

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Kitchen Essential Gift Set’s Description

Discover our hand-smoked snowflake salt blends using the white gold harvested from Australia's Murray Darling Basin. Upgrade your salad starter, bring out the complexity of your entrees, or sprinkle a savory accent to sweet desserts. Crafted in Melbourne and designed for your taste.

This gift set includes:

1 x Murray Darling Gold – Single Origin Australian Snowflake Salt
1 x Pepperwood - Barrel Smoked Snowflake Salt + Black Peppercorn
1 x Chillisider (formerly Mariachi) – Barrel Smoked Chilli Snowflake Salt

More about the Products:

SALT #1: Murray Darling Gold
Harvested from its namesake Murray Darling River Basin in Australia, Murray Darling Gold is a single origin snowflake salt which is an excellent finishing salt on dishes ranging from salads to steak to casseroles to confections.

SALT #2: Pepperwood
Pepperwood combines Australian Snowflake Salt, black peppercorn, and all-natural smoke from oak barrels. An Australian update of classic S + P with a delicate texture and elevated aroma.

SALT #5: Chillisider
A punchy serenade of Australian Snowflake Salt, chilli, and genuine smoke.  Effortlessly enhance roasted proteins and veg, or add as you wish to indulge your inner chilihead.