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High Tea Gift Set


High Tea Gift Set’s Description

Our High Tea loose leaf tea gift set is a playful take on uptight tea time. Rather than serving strict pureblood teas, we crafted a cosmopolitan series of teas to complement the contemporary palate.

This gift set includes:

1 x PommyTea Blend
1 x Frenchie Tea Blend
1 x Berry Happy Tea Blend
1 x After Dinner Mint Tea Blend
1 x The Calmer Tea Blend (formerly Grasshopper)

More about the Product:

TEA BLEND #1: Pommy Breakfast
Deconstructed and then re-imagined, our signature KODU take on a must-have tea original; a crowd favourite time and time again, the Pommy Breakfast English Breakfast Tea Blend is an essential for every home.

TEA BLEND #2: Frenchie
French Earl Grey Tea balanced with Sunflowers Blossom and Rose Petals. Suitable for day and night with notes of mallow flowers and hibiscus.

TEA BLEND #3: Berry Happy
A thoughtful recipe of raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, hibiscus, rose hip and elderberries. Restore your energy with a hot or cold serving of berries and botanicals.

TEA BLEND #4: After Dinner Mint
A refreshing blend of Black Tea, Cocoa & Peppermint. Sublime when served with dessert or delightful as an after-dinner accompaniment.

TEA BLEND #5: The Calmer (formerly Grasshopper)
A simple yet refined pairing of Lemongrass & Ginger. This cleansing lemongrass and ginger infusion presents a well-balanced and refreshing tea that can be enjoyed hot or cold all year round. Combined, the two gentle herbs can help to calm the stomach, relieve tension and reduce nausea. Full of flavour and with an uplifting aroma, this classic KODU blend tastes as good as it makes you feel with no additives and no caffeine.