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Big Smoke Gift Set

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Big Smoke Gift Set’s Description

Discover our hand-smoked snowflake salt blends using the white gold harvested from Australia's Murray Darling Basin. Upgrade your salad starter, bring out the complexity of your entrees, or sprinkle a savory accent to sweet desserts. Crafted in Melbourne and designed for your taste.

This gift set includes:

1 x Charred Bushfire (formerly Charred) – Activated Charcoal Snowflake Salt
1 x Senior Merlot – Vintage Merlot Snowflake Salt
1 x Into the Outback (formerly The Bushman) – Lamb Seasoning and Rub
1 x Pepperwood - Barrel Smoked Snowflake Salt + Black Peppercorn
1 x Chillisider (formerly Mariachi) – Smoked Chilli Snowflake Salt

More about the Products:

SALT #1: Charred Bushfire (formerly Charred)
A brilliantly simple yet impactful trio of Australian snowflake salt, Activated Charcoal, and natural smoke from oak barrels. A superb finishing salt perfect for adding a hint of smoke without the cleanup of traditional grilling. Charred Bushfire is excellent on anything from pan-seared poultry to poached pears.

SALT #2: Senior Merlot
From vine to table, our all locally-produced Senior Merlot elevates our Murray Darling Australian Snowflake Salt with an infusion of Australian Merlot and all-natural smoke from oak wine barrels sourced from Australian winegrowers. Stunning on meat as well as local seafood, the hint of tannins and berry notes from the Merlot enhance the complexity of any dish.

SALT #3: Into the Outback (formerly The Bushman)
A blend of delicate Australian Snowflake Salt, garlic flakes, mint, rosemary, black pepper, and all-natural smoke. The Bushman balances the natural flavour of lamb, seasonal game, and seafood with herbs and charm. Into the Outback works equally well on the grill, in the skillet, or sprinkled on the plate.

SALT #4: Pepperwood
Pepperwood combines Australian Snowflake Salt, black peppercorn, and all-natural smoke from oak barrels. An Australian update of classic S + P with a delicate texture and elevated aroma.

SALT #5: Chillisider (formerly Mariachi)
A punchy serenade of Australian Snowflake Salt, chilli, and genuine smoke. Effortlessly enhance roasted proteins and veg, or add as you wish to indulge your inner chilihead.